The Damagomi Project

still from 16mm film by Paul Clipson

still from 16mm film by Paul Clipson

Created and Directed by Floris Schönfeld

The Damagomi Project recounts the history of the fictional Damagomi Group; a group of spiritualists and academics that was active in Northern California from the 1920’s until the late 1970’s. The project has the form of archive which consists of an ever expanding series of works that piece together the history of the group.

The archive includes documentation such a historical texts, photographs, films and artefacts as well as re-enactments of experiments allegedly carried out by the group. Currently the archive consists of 3 larger installations that reenact experiments of the group as well as a number of reels of reconstructed 16mm film footage, a number of photographs and prints, single artefacts such as ritual objects and costumes and a large number of drawings and sketches and a 40 minute docu-fiction video A Brief History of the Damagomi Group.

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