After working in the San Francisco Bay Area for six years, Maryanna Lachman is now a Berlin-based artist. She is working in dance performance and continues to be deeply invested in the politics of alternative modes of artistic collaboration, curation, and social organizing. Her practice is both sociologically observational and physically experiential; investigating the intricacies of exposing human beings on stage through physicality, emotional states, habitual behaviors, spontaneous thoughts, and experiments in intimacy. Her work melds these practices in order to create immersive worlds of sensorial complexity and perceptual disorientation. As well as constructing solo works and engaging in an ongoing collaboration with Mara Madrona and Abby Crain, Maryanna is a freelance performing artist most recently working with Sara Shelton Mann, Ruairi O’Donovan, Christine Bonansea, Akseli Aittomäki, Mia Habib and Reza Mirabi.